Roy van Wezenbeek

Roy van Wezenbeek (25-04-1987)

Artist Statement:

Somewhere in the body, there’s an organ. A sponge-like organ.
It absorbs all the traces and fragments of our conscious and subconscious mind.
It stores our thoughts, emotions, experiences, dreams, desires and sensory perceptions. Through my drawings, I try to give that fictitious, sponge-like organ a voice.

I’m interested in the energy of a moment, which I capture through drawing. I let in the noise and chaos of everyday life and by filtering and examining this cluttered brainpulp I create new situations or storylines.

The element of surprise excites me. the suggested and evocative – the question marks – fascinate and motivate me. I don't look for anything specific, just utterly curious where the journey of drawing will take me. 

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