Roy van Wezenbeek


2010 – 2015 (BA) Bachelor of Fine Arts, AKV|St.Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)


2019 - Murf/Murw magazine, Group exhibition, Pand P, Eindhoven

2015 - Lucky Men Lucky Artists, Galerie Mieke van Schaijk, Den Bosch

2015 - Graduation Show, AKV St Joost, Den Bosch

2014 - Group exhibition, W2, Den Bosch

2014 - That's Not My Shape Of Art, Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch

2013 - Solo, Cafe Berlijn, Tilburg

2013 - Perspectief Correctie, DMT Loods, Den Bosch

2012 -  Garage Expo, Vughterstraat, Den Bosch

2011 - Tentoon, Group exhibition, Den Bosch


2015 - Participant of 'Dead Zone' (a workshop about questions of accessibility) given by Mischa Kuball, St Moritz Art Academy, Switzerland


During Incubate festival, Tilburg I participated on the following projects:

- ‘Surround sound 2.0’ by Willum Geerts (2012)

- ‘Project VLAG’ by Sigrid Calon (‘Do it with others’ 2015)

- A Performance by Olaf Holzapfel (‘Do it with others’ 2016)

- ‘Iconostase 180’ Yona Friedmann (‘Do it with others’ 2016)

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